The settings can be found on the right side of the workflows search bar. Within the settings, there will be a few items that can be adjusted.
  • Cancel option:
    • Editable text, which is displayed when the "show cancel option" field is enabled in the input option or ticket creation component (described later on).
  • Roles:
    • Key workflows will be assigned "roles", which will trigger when a specific situation occurs. The roles can be reassigned to different workflows in the settings.
    • Below, we've provided what triggers these roles and how workflows are commonly used in response to them.
      • Article deflection:
        • Triggered by: a user's query cannot be matched to a workflow, the chat will try to suggest a help center article that is most relevant to their query.
        • Common usage: Editing the text copy as well as the number of article suggestion attempts before transferring them to ticket submission or a live agent.
      • Cancel capture:
        • Triggered by: a user clicks the "cancel option" described earlier.
        • Common usage: Acknowledging their cancel request with a thumbs up emoji or "sounds good" message
      • Unknown question:
        • Triggered by: a user sends a message that cannot be matched to an article or workflow
        • Common usage: A message saying "sorry, I'm not quite sure about that" in an attempt to get them to rephrase or provides them with the option to submit / connect with an agent
      • Greeting:
        • Triggered by: a chat conversation beginning
        • Common usage: Messages welcoming them to the platform and asking how they can be of assistance.
      • Needs detail:
        • Triggered by: a user sends a message that is vague and requires a bit more information to get them to the right answer
        • Common usage: A message that asks them to provide more information, such as "can you provide some more details on what you're trying to do?"
      • Note: there are two other roles - "Greeting Response" and "Reset" - which are deprecated and will be removed in the future.
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