General Tips

Best practices for workflows:

Below, we'll share our best practices for building any workflow:
  • Queries to match:
    • Use full phrases from past conversations that should be handled by the workflow you're creating.
    • For example: When a customer needs help reversing a paycheck, they generally use phrases like, "I need to reverse a paycheck" or "We accidentally paid someone". We're providing this information in the "reverse entire paycheck" workflow so that similar queries in the future will automatically be associated with this workflow.
  • Text messages:
    • Make sure they sound friendly so they seem as if they're coming from a real person.
    • For example: Some workflows mention their name using a variable to make it feel more personalized.
  • Split up the text into shorter / easily digestible messages so they don't wrap around more than 2-3 lines of text.
  • When writing a list of steps, consider using emoji numbers (1️⃣, 2️⃣, 3️⃣, etc.) to make it easy for people to reference the steps in the chat.
  • Input options:
    • If you have more than five or six input options, it will take up too much space in the chat. Try to consolidate the options, and then ask a clarifying question to get the specific information you need.
    • Include an input option, such as "Continue", after every message that requires the user to take an action.
  • Link:
    • If a message requires the recipient to visit a page for more information or take an action, the following message should include a link to the relevant page.
  • Images:
    • If a step or message requires additional information that would be helpful to have a visual reference for, upload an image directly after.

Navigating between workflows:

There are several ways to navigate between workflows:
  1. 1.
    Search bar:
    • To find a workflow, you can either search by the workflow name or the sample training queries
  2. 2.
    Referenced by list:
    • At the bottom of a workflow's settings, you can see a list of other workflows in which the current workflow is being referenced by a transition. By clicking on the workflow name, you will be redirected to the target workflow.
  3. 3.
    Workflow transition options:
    • Within a workflow transition component, you can click the respective button to be redirected to the target workflow
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