Advanced privacy features to protect you and your users.
Cohere has a number of advanced privacy features that protect you and your users, especially in sensitive environments. You can enable these settings on the Cohere dashboard, in Settings Privacy Options.
In order to use our advanced privacy options, you must be on a paid plan. To learn more, check out our pricing page.

Blocking sensitive elements

To prevent certain elements on the page from being viewable, you can add the cohere-block class to the element:
<input type="text" class="sensitive-info-input cohere-block" />
Alternatively, you can also add the selector to the Blocked Elements section under Security Settings in the dashboard:
This element will be hidden from Cohere and replaced with a placeholder:

Requiring permission before viewing sessions

If you want users to explicitly grant permission before their session is shared, you can configure this in the Viewing Permissions section under Settings Privacy Options in the dashboard:

Restricting multiplayer interactions

If you want to disable being able to click and type in multiplayer mode, you can configure this in the Guide-Only Mode section under Settings Privacy Options in the dashboard:
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