Identifying Users

Identifying users allows you to associate names, emails, or temporary support codes with sessions in your dashboard.

If your site is hosted on a no-code platform, please see the identification instructions for and Shopify.

Logged in users

After users have logged in, you can identify them by passing a unique user ID (required) along with the attributes you would like to see on the Cohere dashboard — for instance, their name and email.

"<user_id>", // Required: can be any unique ID
displayName: "<user_display_name>", // Optional
email: "<user_email>", // Optional

Logged out users

If you need to support users who haven't already logged in (e.g. if you're assisting them through a phone call), you can add a button to your page that generates a unique code for the user.

// Optionally, pass in a position ("bottomRight", "bottomLeft", "topLeft", "topRight")
// like so: Cohere.showCode("bottomLeft");

This will open a modal containing the generated code in the corner (bottom right by default) of your user's screen, which they can then read to you:

You'll be able to find the user by searching for this code in the Cohere dashboard.