Voice widget
Let users call you directly by putting the Cohere Voice widget on your site!
An example Cohere Voice widget

Change the widget's appearance

Customize how the widget looks by going to Dashboard → Settings → Widget appearance. You can choose to upload a friendly face or logo as the widget's avatar, change any of the text displayed on the widget, or change the widget's position on your site.

Automatically show the widget

In Settings → Widget visibility, set your availability, and click the "show widget" checkbox. Assuming you already have Cohere set up on your site, the widget should pop up automatically during business hours!

Manually adjust the widget's visibility

You can show, hide, expand, or compress the widget by calling Cohere.widget:
// Shows the widget.
// Hides the widget.
// Expand the widget, showing the call button and a description.
// Collapse the widget, showing only the widget image and title.

Manually get availability

Assuming you already set your availability in Settings → Widget visibility, you can programmatically access your availability by using Cohere.isAvailable():
Cohere.isAvailable((available) => {
if (available) { // And any custom availability logic here!
// do something...

Get notifications

Enable browser notifications or a ringtone (sound that plays in the dashboard) for incoming calls in Settings → Incoming calls.
Set up Slack alerts for incoming calls in Settings → Slack integration → Call alert.

Custom widget or calling logic

If you need to create your own widget or start a call elsewhere in your app, you can do so with our Calling API.